Introducing the MemberPress Export Users plugin

Ultimate solution for MemberPress users who need to export their user data. This powerful plugin allows you to filter and export users data in a variety of formats, including XML, XLSX and CSV, with just a few clicks.

Save Time and Boost Productivity with MemberPress Export Users

With MemberPress Export Users, you have the freedom to customize your exported data by selecting specific memberships. You can choose to export only active members or include both active and inactive members. Additionally, you have the option to include or exclude deleted users, providing you with full control over the exported data. This allows you to fine-tune your exports to meet your specific requirements and extract the precise information you need.

Filtering data: MemberPress Export Users allows you to filter data based on any custom field you have set up. For example, let’s say you have custom fields “Country” and “Gender.” With our plugin, you can effortlessly filter data by setting the custom field “Country” to “USA” and “Gender” to “Male.” This means that the exported data will only include members who are from the USA and are male. This feature sets our plugin apart from others because it gives you complete freedom to choose exactly what you want to export.memberpress export users new

Export data manually or scheduled

Manual Export: The manual export feature allows you to export user data from MemberPress at any time with just a few clicks. It provides you with the flexibility to choose specific options, such as selecting the desired columns to export and applying filters, to tailor the exported data according to your needs. Manual export is ideal for one-time or ad-hoc data exports when you require immediate access to the latest user information.

Scheduled Export: With the scheduled export feature, you can automate the process of exporting user data from MemberPress. You can configure a schedule, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, and the plugin will automatically export the data based on the defined frequency. This eliminates the need for manual intervention and ensures that you have up-to-date user data readily available. Scheduled export is particularly useful for recurring data exports or when you want to maintain a regular backup of your user information.

Both manual and scheduled exports provide you with efficient ways to retrieve user data from MemberPress, allowing you to streamline your data management processes and access the information you need when you need it.

Effortlessly Connect Your MemberPress Exported Data with Google Sheets

But that’s not all – MemberPress Export Users also includes an automatic scheduled export feature, allowing you to set up regular exports that run automatically. This saves you time and ensures that your data is always up-to-date and ready to use.

In addition to its powerful export capabilities, MemberPress Export Users also allows you to easily connect your exported XML files with Google Sheets. This means you can set up automatic exports and have your data automatically populate in Google Sheets, providing you with real-time updates and allowing you to easily collaborate with others. Inside a plugin you will get detailed instructions how to connect your data to Google Sheets.

With MemberPress Export Users and Google Sheets integration, you can take your data management to the next level. You can easily sort, filter, and analyze your data, and create custom reports and dashboards that provide valuable insights into your user data.

memberpress export users 2

Whether you’re a marketer, business owner, or web developer, the ability to easily connect your exported XML files with Google Sheets is a game-changer. It saves you time, enhances collaboration, and provides you with valuable insights into your user data.

So why wait? Download MemberPress Export Users today and start enjoying the benefits of easy data management and collaboration!

Wanna move your license to another page? Not a problem!

Let’s say you’re in the development stage, crafting your website masterpiece behind the scenes. Once you’re ready to go live and share your creation with the world, our latest feature comes to the rescue. With just a few simple clicks, you can effortlessly transfer your license from the development page to your live site.

This feature can also be used if you decide to use the license on different domain. No hassle, no fuss – just a smooth transition to match your website’s journey from one website to another. Your license, your way!

Main Features

  • Manual Export
  • Scheduled export
  • Export anytime in XML, CSV or XLSX (Excel) format
  • Easy Google Sheets integration
  • Control which memberships you want to export
  • Control what data you want to export
  • Export MemberPress default Address Fields
  • Export MemberPress Custom Fields
  • Filter data by any custom fields (you can filter by more than one custom field)
  • Control date range for data to be exported
  • Lifetime updates
  • 1 year of technical support

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5 reviews for MemberPress Export Users

  1. Joan

    This plugin is exactly what our organization needed for memberpress! I noticed a couple of small issues and notified the development team, not only did they respond quickly but the issues were fixed the next day with a new version release. This team is amazing and the plugin will save our organization so much time! I would give 10 stars if I could!

  2. Glenn Lidstone (verified owner)

    This thing of beauty is a Godsend! I had spent several days looking for a plugin that will do what this one days. And your pricing is much more than fair. There are some things out there that promise to do what your plugin does that literally cost 10X what yours does and do not offer a refund (at 10X your price, being able to try it would become relevant…but not at your price).
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Matija

    We’re using MemberPress for about 3 years now, and only problem was with exporting users. This plugin does just what we needed!
    We had some issues at start but their team fixed the issue in a couple of hours.

  4. Petra

    Found this plugin, and works great, just what I needed. Best thing is that I can connect data to Google Sheets. Great support also. 👍

  5. Akshay P.

    This plugin is awesome! It helped me with all my data export troubles, making everything so much easier. I’d recommend it to anyone struggling with data export.

# == CHANGELOG == #

# version 1.5.8
- Option to exclude membership ID and transaction status.
- Added Option to filter transactions by transaction status.
- Added option to export User Address 2 field.
- Fixed issue where some fields in XML export returned empty values if title had special charcters.

# version 1.5.7
- FIXED: code optimization
- ADDED: option to remove file from server after user downloads it.

# version 1.5.6
- ADDED: added sub_count field for export.
- FIXED: sorted user fields, custom fields and transaction fields in options.

# version 1.5.5
- FIXED: removed bug where some users got 0 results
- FIXED: plugin compatibility for MemberPress Plus and MemberPress Pro

# version 1.5.4
- ADDED: Option to export additional default MemberPress address fields

# version 1.5.3
- ADDED: Option to reset license code

# version 1.5.2
- FIXED: Reduced plugin file size

# version 1.5.1
- FIXED: Bug fix where some users reported an error with scheduled export

# version 1.5.0
- ADDED: Options page
- ADDED: Option to remove data after plugin is removed
- ADDED: Separated options for manual export and scheduled export
- FIXED: Security improvements
- FIXED: Code optimization

# version 1.4.3
- FIXED: Outputing serialized data
- FIXED: Changed input to dropdown for available custom fields and values
- FIXED: Filter by all custom fields
- FIXED: Bug fixes

# version 1.4.2
- ADDED: Added option to export data with specific field value

# version 1.4.1
- FIXED: Bug fixes

# version 1.4.0
- ADDED: Option to export MemberPress custom fields
- FIXED: Date range data selection
- FIXED: Settings fields must not be empty
- ADDED: In notification bar is shown how many users were exported

# version 1.3.3
- ADDED: Option to choose what columns (data) should be exported
- FIXED: Export for XML, CSV, and XLSX

# version 1.3.2
- ADDED: Option to export "All data" or "By date range"
- ADDED: Option to sort xml data by columns and ASC/DESC

# version 1.3.1
- FIXED: Code optimization
- ADDED: Google Sheets instructions

# version 1.3.0
- ADDED: License page
- FIXED: Moved plugin options from WP Settings to WP sidebar
- ADDED: Option to protect plugin with license code

# version 1.2.3
- FIXED: Code optimization
- ADDED: Option to schedule export
- ADDED: Option to export file in xlsx
- ADDED: Option to only export members with active membership (+lifetime)

# version 1.2.2
- SECURITY: Field file_name is mandatory.
- FIXED: Date format in export to show only date and in right format d-m-Y
- ADDED: Option to exclude deleted users (user_id=0)

# version 1.2.1
- FIXED: Error with form submission on page reload
- FIXED: File is auto saved when user saves settings
- ADDED: Option to select and download file in CSV or XML format
- ADDED: Timestamp on top of XML file
- ADDED: Option to name file for export
- ADDED: Membership name next to id at memberships selection to admin settings
- ADDED: Link to XML file in admin settings

# version 1.2.0
- FIXED: Code optimization
- ADDED: Admin menu
- ADDED: Option to enable users to select memberships to export
- FIXED: Moved exported file

# version 1.1.0
- FIXED: Code optimization

# version 1.0.0
- Initial release

How can I activate the plugin?

After purchasing, you will receive a license code that you enter in Memberpress Export Users under ‘License.’ Click on ‘Save Settings’ to apply the license. The ‘License Code Status’ will indicate status of your licence code.

No, the license code does not expire; once you purchase the plugin, you will receive lifetime updates. You will also get one year of technical support from our amazing team.

  1. Go to the “License” section in MemberPress Export Users plugin.
  2. Copy the license code provided for your current website.
  3. Click on “Reset License” to deactivate the license from the current website.
  4. Now, navigate to the new website where you want to use the license.
  5. Paste the copied license code into the “License” field on the new website.
  6. Save the changes, and your license will be successfully transferred to the new website.

If you encounter any issues during the license transfer process, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team for assistance.

You can choose which data you want to export. Options are:

  • user ID
  • username
  • user firstname
  • user lastname
  • user email
  • user address
  • user zip
  • user city
  • user country
  • transaction number
  • membership ID
  • membership name
  • membership created at
  • membership expires at
  • membership price
  • MemberPress Custom Fields

After setting the configuration according to your requirements, you need to specify the frequency of file generation and how the data should be sorted. The system will then generate a new file on your server based on the scheduled options you have set.

If our plugin isn’t compatible with your theme or with your plugins, you can get a refund but please first read our Terms and Conditions where we explain when you can be eligible for refund.

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MemberPress Export Users

(5 customer reviews)
Plugin Name Memberpress Export Users
Version 1.5.8
Released 1.2.2023
Last Updated 18.4.2024
PHP version 8.2.0
Wordpress 6.3.4
MemberPress 1.11.17

With purchase you get a plugin and lifetime updates.


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